Why use a CIPHE registered plumber?

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Why use a CIPHE registered plumber?

Using a CIPHE registered plumber gives you peace of mind that a Code of Professional Standards will be followed. As a member of CIPHE, Roy Lee Plumbing and Heating Ltd. follows these strict standards to deliver a safe and quality service to customers.

CIPHE stands for the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering. It’s the UK’s professional body for the industry, checking the competency of thousands of plumbers and heating engineers. Founded in 1906, the institute’s main aims include monitoring professional standards, public health and safety, as well as education. It also supports ongoing research and initiatives to progress technical advances and new technologies.

What does CIPHE do?

Every member must abide by CIPHE’s Code of Professional Standards, which includes:

  • Being professional, competent and responsible
    This involves carrying out work or supervising other’s work in relation to technical quality. As a member, Roy must provide services to his customers to a required standard. Members must also have the right level of insurance in place.
  • Adhering to public health and safety standards
    If you’re one of Roy’s existing clients, you will know that he’s passionate about health and safety. CIPHE is strict about measures to protect people from ill health, injury or any potential danger of death. As well as protecting people, this also applies to taking “all reasonable care to avoid damaging the local and wider environment.”
  • Complying with rules, regulations and standards
    Plumbers and heating engineers need to conform to various statutory requirements including relevant British Standards of Practice. As a member of CIPHE, Roy must also follow the Engineering Council’s Codes of Professional Practice.
  • Keeping up to date with skills and knowledge
    CIPHE expects its members to undertake Continuing Professional Development to “broaden, improve and maintain” their skills and knowledge. Roy regularly attends professional training events on all types of heating systems, from gas to LPG, oil and heat pumps.
  • Acting professionally
    Members of CIPHE must uphold the institute’s dignity and reputation, and “not cause offence or embarrassment to others.”
  • Raising awareness of risk or danger
    Roy believes all plumbers and heating engineers have a duty of care to their customers. He will report any wrongdoings, malpractice, risks or dangers to help protect his customers.

Roy is very proud to be a CIPHE member. He enjoys improving his skills and knowledge, as this helps him to provide the right solution for his customers. Roy always prioritises health and safety, closely following the Code of Professional Standards and complying with all relevant legislation. As a member of the institute, you can find Roy Lee Plumbing and Heating Ltd. listed in CIPHE’s online directory.

Whether you need a boiler service, new heating system or you have a fault, Roy Lee Plumbing and Heating Ltd. can help. Roy’s CIPHE membership gives him access to the latest developments in the plumbing and heating sector. So, when you book your annual boiler service, you can rest assured that you will always receive safe, up-to-date advice.

For safe and reliable plumbing or boiler services, please call Roy on 07842 234403.

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