Carbon Monoxide Alarm: A Legal and Life-Saving Requirement

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If you have a boiler in your home, you may not be aware of a new regulation that affects you. The Part L Building Regulations, which came into force in October 2022, require that all new and existing boilers must have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted next to them. This is not only a legal requirement, but also a life-saving one.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas that can be produced by faulty or poorly maintained boilers. It can cause serious health problems, such as headaches, nausea, dizziness, breathlessness and loss of consciousness. In extreme cases, it can lead to brain damage or death. According to the NHS, around 60 people die every year from accidental CO poisoning in England and Wales.

A carbon monoxide alarm is a device that detects the presence of CO in the air and sounds an alarm if the level is too high. It can alert you to a potential problem with your boiler before it becomes dangerous. It can also help you to avoid costly fines or legal action for breaching the Part L Building Regulations.

The Part L Building Regulations apply to all types of boilers, including gas, oil, solid fuel and biomass. They also apply to all types of properties, whether they are new or existing, rented or owned. The only exception is if your boiler is located in a detached building that is not used for living purposes, such as a garage or shed.

If you need to install a carbon monoxide alarm next to your boiler, you should contact a qualified and registered plumber who can do the job safely and correctly. You should also make sure that your boiler is serviced regularly by a professional to prevent any CO leaks.

One of the best plumbers in the area is Roy Lee Plumbing and Heating Ltd. Roy Lee is a Gas Safe registered engineer with over 20 years of experience in the plumbing and heating industry. He offers high-quality services at affordable prices, including boiler installation, repair and maintenance, central heating systems, bathroom fitting, power flushing and more.

Roy Lee Plumbing and Heating Ltd. can help you comply with the Part L Building Regulations by fitting a carbon monoxide alarm next to your boiler. He can also advise you on the best type and location of the alarm for your property. He can provide you with a free quote and a guarantee for his work.

Don’t risk your health or your legal status by ignoring the Part L Building Regulations. Contact Roy Lee Plumbing and Heating Ltd. today and get your carbon monoxide alarm fitted by an expert. Call Roy on 07842 234403 or visit his website at for more information.

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